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Stone collapse online puzzle

Play and fun this online games. Horizontal rows of colored bricks emerge from the bottom of the screen. You must click on clusters of three or more identically colored bricks to make them collapse and to ring up points. The larger the clusters, the greater the number of points ó but donít let the rows of bricks reach the top of the screen, or your game will end. You must also beat the clock and the ever-quickening pace of the bricks.

Collapse is a fun, fast-paced game. There are multi-colored blocks that you need to detonate before they reach the top of the screen. Hand-eye coordination is necessary, especially as you reach higher levels. Each level adds a new twist for even more fun.

Instructions for original Collapse game

  • Go online to one of the game sites that offer Collapse. The game downloads immediately, then you can start the play.
  • Remove all the blocks, if you can, before they reach the top. You must have at least three blocks of like color together in order to remove the blocks. Keep playing until the round is over, or until the blocks reach the top ending the game.
  • Clear the blocks before they get to the top of the screen. If they do reach the top, the game is over. This becomes increasingly difficult as you progress through the levels since the speed increases.
  • Explode the bombs that are provided when they are given to help clear the board. A colored bomb clears all of that color on the board. A black bomb clears all colors in its immediate vicinity.
  • Group like colors together. The larger the group you remove the more points it's worth. Very large groups win you bonus points, so try to clear larger groups last.

Play Collapse online often to improve your strategy. Challenge your friends to beat your score. Have fun playing.

You can download it to your computer. How to draw online free games. visual memory game.

Clean up the desk by clicking on groups of 3 or more stones of the same color. You get points for each deleted stone and row. Be quick, you play against time. If the level is too simple, skip it. The game finishes when there is no more rows on the field. The more stones you happen to destroy at a time, the more points you get for each stone.

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