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3D technical drawing puzzle
for develop human memory

Idea of the 3D technical drawing puzzle: Computer draw the 3D wire construction. You restore the initial picture at 2D projections. This memory and creative puzzle develop your 3D imagination and visual memory.

Technical drawing is vital ability for the inception, development and communication of ideas related to technology, industry and scientific development. Technical drawing is an important form of communication.

3D technical drawing puzzle

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Technical drawing is an integral part of Technology Education and will be used throughout the course as part of the design process. Students will develop drafting skills that will enable them to draw multi-view orthographic drawings. Computer professionals design, illustrate, animate and edit complex graphics and visualizations. Computer Graphics professionals with specialized design, technical drawing, 3D animation. 3D Visualization.

The purpose of this game is to give the students an introduction to teach of the general technology areas of study offered in grades 8 through 12 at Fairfield Public Schools. The game also focuses on lateral thinking skills and incorporates systematic problem solving to reach set objectives. Check your memory

Multi-view technical drawing

  1. Using Activity sheets� depicting various objects drawn on a grid, as an Isometric drawing, students will draw separate front top and side views. Using colored pencils, students will color each surface a different color and then draw it using the grid as a guide. Hidden lines will be introduced as a method of identifying surfaces located behind another.
  2. Students will measure and accurately draw three-dimensional wooden objects using drafting tools. Drawings must include all dimensions and hidden lines necessary to build the object.
  3. IQ ester plans: The culminating activity will allow the students to draw a set of plans, to be used as a template to build a small board game.


 3D imagination tips

Keep drawing and don't copy other people's work, use it as a guide and learn from what they have done. Don't be afraid of blank paper - just get in there and draw, nothing ever comes out right first time anyway. Be critical of your art, and look hard at it to see what doesn't look right and then change weak aspects and improve on parts that already work within the illustration.

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Technical drawing, Isometric Drawing, Orthographic Drawing, Multi-view Drawing, Drafting, CAD, Horizontal, Vertical, Perpendicular, Parallel, Square, T-square Drafting Board, 30 � 60 � 90 degree triangle, 45 degree triangle, 12" ruler, #2 pencil or mechanical pencil, Various shaped woodblocks


Technical drawing in business

Today's corporations face a number of unique competitive challenges. They must deal with increased pressure from competitors, rapid changes in technology, and the shortest product development cycles in history. As a result of these pressures, companies are being forced to re-engineer and right size their organizations, which means significant changes in staffing, facilities, production methods, and business models. As they do so, they are discovering he increasingly important role that technical drawings play in their organizations.

For many companies, the cost-effective creation and distribution of technical drawings is a mission-critical component in their plans to become more competitive. Whether they use technical drawings to design new products, improve manufacturing productivity, manage facilities, or improve processes and procedures, the ability to efficiently create and manage technical drawings can have a direct impact on a company�s bottom line.

A revolutionary product called Visio Technical is changing this, and an increasing number of Fortune 500 companies is taking advantage of the cost savings and efficiency that this product offers. In this white paper, we will discuss how Visio Technical can help you become more competitive by allowing you to:

Surprisingly, many companies are still using inefficient and costly methods to create and manage the technical drawings that are a key part of their businesses. While they typically have implemented a new generation of Windows business applications, technical drawing software has often lagged behind.

  • Lower your training and support costs
  • Create technical drawings quicker and more cost-effectively
  • Distribute technical drawing more efficiently
  • Make your drawings more intelligent by linking them to databases
  • Integrate your technical drawings with other Windows applications

Technical drawing - Though technical drawing falls under the Communication field of study, it is such a large part of the 7th grade class that we have placed it at the beginning of the course as an independent unit of study.  Students learn to produce Orthographic and Isometric drawings.
Orthographic drawings are a set of three 2D drawings that are used to show how to build something.  If you have ever seen a blue print then you have seen the top view of an orthographic drawing!

Isometric drawings are a drawing used to show what something looks like.  Isometric drawings are typically created shortly after the conception of an idea. See also eidetic memory storage strategy


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Eidetic memory (Photographic memory) found in 5% children. These children can remember an entire page of writing in an unfamiliar language after only seeing it for a short period of time. Only a few have eidetic memory in adulthood.