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The primary means by which we acquire information is through reading. In college you're expected to do much more reading than in high school. Don't assume that just because you've "read" the assignments that "that is the end of it". You must learn to read with a purpose. In studying, you may have to read the same assignment three or four times, each time with a different purpose. You must know before you begin reading what your purpose is, and read accordingly.

Speed Reading with Improved comprehension:
This will help you to read any average 240 page book in 2-3 hours, combining high speed voice with text. Learn to adjust your reading speed for maximum enjoyment. This is ideal for high school, college and grad school students and adults of all ages reading up to 300-350 wpm. If you already read faster than this speed, you will want to use the next tool.

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Evaluating how much you have improved in reading. It is very important to assure yourself that your effort has paid off. This advice sheet describes methods that you may use to evaluate the progress you have made in your learning so that in the end you can proudly say that you have become a better reader.


Speed reading tips

When tackling a new subject, go to the library. Then look for children�s books on the new subject. These books will give you the basics in a simple, easy to understand way. Other methods include reading magazine articles on the new subject and keeping a dictionary handy.

This means that you fill in, from your own experience, the words or sentences that contain the essence of the message.

Contrary to what some people believe, you follow the story with a keener interest and look for meaning in everything.

Each of these techniques just described quiets the voice you hear in your head as you read each word on a page. It�s called subvocalization. Most people hear themselves read. It slows your reading down because you become limited by the speed at which you speak.

Speed Reading comprehension is easy and in most cases improves your ability to comprehend. However, to improve your Speed Reading comprehension you need an excellent course that keeps comprehension in mind every step of the way.

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