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Yantra, the art of geometric shapes of sacred proportions, has long been known by yogis and mystics alike, to induce profound meditation states. In the West some find healing through the intense study of an icon or holy image.

Mandala Meditation is a powerful, cathartic technique that creates a circle of energy for natural centering.


Concentration tips

Creative persons, generally, keep a diary of the interesting events of the day. This helps them in reflecting on them later, which becomes a great source of ideas for creation. If such diary were maintained on regular basis, one would easily see a pattern coming out of it in a few weeks.

Be Here Now! When you notice your thoughts wandering astray, say to yourself "Be here now" and gently bring your mind at the point where you want it.

I also found very good was that beyond diet, certain pharmacological substances and meditation to relieve stress, was his use of yoga as a method of strengthening the brain. Yoga has been shown in the East to send not only particular substances directly to the brain but to create an overall electrical stimulation of the brain that has a lasting effect on brain functioning. To enhance your own abilities to retain what you experience and want to learn you can go to his web site at Brain Longevity.

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There are several types of biofeedback:

Skin resistance biofeedback (GSR Galvanic Skin Response) is a measure of how relaxed you are, which changes based on your overall mood and emotions.

A sensor is placed on your hand, you hear a tone that increases in pitch when your emotions or mood becomes more tense, and decreases when you are relaxing.

Muscle tension biofeedback measures how tight a particular muscle is. Relaxing your forehead can help reduce headaches, release jaw tension, and upper shoulder tightness. You wear a pair of headphones with a band containing sensors that goes across your forehead. When the muscles in your forehead let go, then the tone that you are listening to decreases.

Brainwave biofeedback measures the quality of your brainwaves. Improving the quality of your brainwaves helps people with learning and concentration, reduce mental clutter, reach deeper states of relaxation faster, and to improve the quality of sleep.

Two electrodes are placed on your scalp. Using a computer interface, you can see your brainwaves on the screen, which appear as wavy lines, much like ocean waves. When the waves are close together, it means that you are alert. When they are further apart (slower), that means you are relaxing into deeper states of alpha, or creative visualization (theta).

When you see irregular waves, the quality of that particular brainwave state is not very good. When the waves become smooth and regular, you are able to sustain focus within that particular brainwave state.

Heart Rate Variability biofeedback measures how your heart responds to emotional, mental, and physical stresses, and its ability to bounce back to a relaxed and better functioning state. It helps for general relaxation, and cardio vascular distress.

You wear a finger sensor, and a computer interface allows you to see your heart rhythms on the screen, which appear like ocean waves, or lines that move up and down. Irregular, ever-changing waves mean that things easily upset you, whereas smooth waves mean that you are able to stay calm in stressful situations.

Skin temperature biofeedback measures the amount of blood flow beneath the skin. The warmer the temperature, the greater the degree of relaxation in that area which improves circulation for healing.

You place the electrode wherever you want to increase blood flow, such as on your hand. A digital thermometer then tells you if that area is getting warmer, which means there is more blood flowing through that area of your body.

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