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The knowledge that the power of certain forms and symbols is able to bring about profound change and effect to the mental state has been part of the Eastern spiritual lexicon.

To cultivate curiosity, should try to take a break from daily routine and try to do something, which surprises others. One should do at least one unexpected thing everyday. One can ask a question, which one has never asked. One can express an opinion, which one has never expressed. One can go to a place, where one has never visited. One can eat a food, which one never eats. One can experiment with the dress, hairstyle or even writing style. Although routine life saves energy, but a creative person has to swim in this vast wonderland to explore the meaningful pearls.

Three very important things are necessary to enhancing creative thought utilizing previous experience as stored memory. One is that you need a healthy energized brain; two is that you need to be present with interest for anything you chose to remember later, or use for future creative experience and three, a relaxed state of mind is the greatest vehicle for creative thought. A relaxed mind is simultaneous with a light heart. Both conditions will foster spontaneous creativity and make life a joy in the process.

Concentration tips

Be Here Now! When you notice your thoughts wandering astray, say to yourself "Be here now" and gently bring your mind at the point where you want it.

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Biofeedback Machine:

Biofeedback has long been accepted as one of the most effective tools available for the control of stress and personal growth. Yet until now you had a choice of either paying upwards of a thousand dollars (or more) for a "clinical" model, or purchasing one of the "toy" models available--often wildly inaccurate and cheaply made.

The Biofeedback Machine is the world's first personal galvanic skin response (GSR) training system: as accurate as many clinical models, yet extremely easy to use.

Some Benefits of Biofeedback:

  • Learn to control psychological stress and overcome anxiety.
  • Improve focus and concentration.
  • Gain control of your emotional states.
  • Enhance your meditation experience.

Reduce or eliminate anxiety before exams, meetings or public speaking.

The Biofeedback Machine is designed to travel: lightweight, attractive and comes with an unique palm-of-the-hand sensor. A handsome carrying case, headphones, manual... everything you will need to get started is included!

The are many products that can help people of all ages improve their ability to concentrate, learn, create, and cope. We have simple yet powerful light and sound brainwave synchronizers that act like training wheels for the mind. These devices range in price from $129 (see Sirius) to over $400.

You can also consider biofeedback (neuro feedback) devices like the WaveRider which use a few connections to the scalp and your PC. The easy-to-use software tells you when you've reached the desired state of mind and the effects last and become second nature with time. We hope that more parents and educators will try these non-invasive approaches before resorting to drugs.

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