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Free download and use of free online flash math square game (5Kb). You can use this game offline. This puzzle can use as free printable math puzzle for kids and children. This puzzle teach the math. Games for school kids.

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Make this game by yourself

  • Learner can perform this exercise with closed or open eyes. However, it would be preferable to keep eyes open.
  • Should then be asked to orally count natural numbers 1, 2, 3, ..??? .
  • The number should be counted in such a way that no mistake is committed in speaking the number or in the order.
  • As soon as there is a mistake in counting, the learner has to stop.
  • Now the learner should always try to achieve higher than what he/she has achieved earlier. To give an example, if the learner has counted up to 100 without mistake, then he should be given a target of 150 or 200 within a fixed period, say, 1-week.
  • After he/she has achieved this target, he/she should be properly rewarded. Then, a new target should be set at 250 or 300 and so on. This way the learner should be encouraged to count numbers as high as possible without committing any mistake.
  • The learner should also be encouraged to keep a record of the achievement.
  • A competition may also be organized among learners to assess their relative performances. A healthy competition is a great motivator.


  • Instead of natural numbers learner may be asked to count without mistake
  • A personal record should be kept for all those counting.
  • Even numbers
  • Odd numbers
  • The exercise should be resorted to only when one has developed some proficiency in such counting
  • Backward numbers (Backward even numbers, Backward odd numbers, Skip counting by skipping 3, 4 etc. viz. 2,5,8,??? or 3, 7, 11, ???.. )
  • Backward skip counting viz.100, 97, 94, ? depending on the level of understanding of learners. .
  • It is a good tool for development of concentration only if one does not make a mistake in such counting due to poor mathematical knowledge.


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