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Play and fun this online games. Maze Builder - Help the strange monkey cross the water by building a maze with the various pieces in this online maze game Maze Builder. You can download it to your computer. Play and fun this online labyrinth, maze game. Online maze game is absolutely free. Labyrinth, maze online game

How to Play This is a new Logic/Puzzle game - a successor to the famous game. You have to control a silver ball called by using the arrow keys (left/right/up/down), and make your path to the Blue Vortex - the exit to the next level. How to draw online free games.

You have to stay on land, otherwise you will loose 500 points and will have to start the level again. Avoid the golden spheres, as they explode on impact with anything. You can push the boxes together to make a bridge or a path (only one box at a time), or push the box on top of the claws to open the Blue Vortex. Don't stay on the claws. Online dominoes game for fun.

Ice cubes can be pushed as well, but they will start sliding when you push them, and will stop when they hit a solid object or fall into the water. The blue claws will work only when they are loaded with an ice cube.

Keep an eye on the timer, as there is a time limit for every level. If you run out of time, you will loose 500 points, and the Silversphere will explode.


logic game. puzzle game. mind game.

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