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The 15 Puzzle is the classic sliding block puzzle, by Sam Loyd, perhaps the greatest of all puzzle creators. He originally called it the "Boss Puzzle," and later called it the "15-16 Puzzle." In general, you mix up the numbered blocks and then try to rearrange them back in the original order (the left side of this diagram). You can only slide the blocks; you cannot remove a block from the puzzle. Loyd's original instructions were to start with the arrangement on the left, and rearrange the blocks to end up with the second arrangement in that diagram (switching the 14 and the 15). He tried to get a patent for this puzzle, but the U.S. Patent Office demanded the solution. Loyd admitted that there was no solution; the puzzle is impossible. So the Patent Office refused to grant him a patent.

It is not clear when the first slide puzzle was invented or made.

But it is a well known fact that in 1878 Sam Loyd, America's greatest puzzle-expert, "drove the whole world crazy" with his newly "discovered" 14-15 puzzle. This was a variation on the "Puzzle of 15" which was made and sold by the Embossing Company from New York about 10 years earlier. This puzzle consisted of 15 numbered square pieces that could be slided around in a square box that was big enough to contain 16 pieces. The pieces should be placed at random in the box and you should sort the pieces in ascending order without taking the pieces out of the box (so the only thing that is allowed is to slide the pieces). Not every randomly placed pattern of pieces can be sorted by just shuffling and Sam Loyd cleverly made use of this fact.

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15 PuzzleIt's yet another Java version of the (in)famous "15 puzzle." The pieces are to be arranged in ascending order, with the hole in the bottom right corner. 15 Puzzle of Sam LloydPlay online Sam Lloyd's "15" puzzle The funny story of this game Mathematical implications of. 15 Puzzle -- from Wolfram MathWorldThe "15 puzzle" is a sliding square puzzle commonly (but incorrectly) .

The 15 puzzle consists of 15 squares numbered from 1 to 15. 15 game - free kids game schoolThe 15 Puzzle is the classic sliding block puzzle, by Sam Loyd. This was a variation on the "Puzzle of 15" which was made and sold by the Embossing. BeBits - Puzzle 15About Puzzle 15: Simple puzzle game. You must arrange fifteen counters in order from 1 to 15. Latest Version. Details about this version: (no information



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