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Find pair picture online eidetic game

Tiles are randomly dealt with the picture side down. Flip over any two tiles by tapping on them. If the pictures on the tiles are identical they will disappear. If they are not identical they will be flipped back picture side down.

Continue flipping pairs until all matches are found and there are no more tiles left. You can score in two ways. First, by the time it takes you to find all the matches. Second, by the total number of pairs you need to flip in order to find all the matches. Recognize pictures quickly! The idea is to turn over, recognize and memorize the cards. Who can place the picture tiles correctly on the bingo boards? The object of the game is to find all the picture pairs as fast as possible.

Download free memory training 20kb.

How to Play:

  • You will be shown some cards with their faces down.
  • Select two of the cards by clicking in the box next to the card with your mouse.
  • Press the "Check It" button at the bottom.
  • If both cards are the same, those cards will be removed. If they are different, remember what is on the card so you can try again.
  • Press the "Pick Again!" button and select two more cards.
  • The game is over when you have matched all of the pairs and all the cards are gone.

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The Memory training description

The idea behind the game is to match pairs of identical images to remove them. You have to memorize the picture on each card in order to win the game. Memorize challenges your memory !

Basic Rules are good also for younger gamers and children. For anyone who enjoys a picture puzzle! Race against time to unscramble the letters in a group of words pictures. This colorful game combines puzzle elements with fast paced action.

Find pairs, or groups of three or more identical cards (picture cards and/or sound cards). Improve your memory by playing with your favorite friends and pictures. You can play from the any age.

Many children have problems with memory. To determine the amount of memory problems your child has, play memory games with them and compare them to their peers. Psychologists often look at memory by the scores on digit span sub-test of an intelligence test. If you feel your child can improve in memory, the following game can be a fun way to develop auditory memory.

The rules are simple: you have to remember the shape and position of cards with images. For one move your may open two cards, if they are the same they disappear, otherwise they close and still remain on the field. Train your visual memory while you have a free minute. Opening pictures on the board, try to find the same images, after that this couple will disappear. Your task is to clear up the board in the shortest possible period of time.

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Eidetic memory (Photographic memory) found in 5% children. These children can remember an entire page of writing in an unfamiliar language after only seeing it for a short period of time. Only a few have eidetic memory in adulthood.




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