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How to play black jack and where to play black jack or roulette in malta at Blackjack is a card game which is also popularly known as twenty-one. Black jack is a great card game, unique from all others. How to play Black Jack. � A summary of the rules of the game this online Black Jack is a card-based table game.

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Blackjack is a card game which is also popularly known as twenty-one.

And as the latter name suggests, the aim of the game is to acquire a total card value of 21 points without exceeding that total. Black Jack is played on a semi circular table with 1 seat for the dealer and the others for the players. These players are called box holders. They take decisions when the game is in progress.

At every seat the cloth is marked with one double circle or more single ones. The box holder places his bet in the double box. Those playing along the box holder can place their value chips - whith which blackjack is played in the single circles.

Black jack rules

The Game:

All players play against the bank: ie. a croupier, who is called the dealer with Black Jack. The dealer keeps the cards in a holder known as a "shoe".

The court Cards- The KING, THE QUEEN, and THE JACK count as 10. The ACE counts as 1 or 11.

Cards 2 to 10 take their normal value.

Note that not every combination of 21 points carries the same value. If your first two cards are an ace plus a 10 or a court card, you've got a Black Jack, which is the highest possible score. A Black Jack is always worth more than any combination or 21 points.

When all players have placed their bets, the dealer proceeds to deal the cards. The first to be dealt a card is the box holder sitting to the dealers extreme left. The last to receive a card is the dealer himself. The dealer places the cards openly on the table. Next every box holder receives a second card. The dealer now asks each box holder in turn whether he needs a third card or wants to "stand" This process is repeated, until the player stands or exceed the 21 points and thus goes "bust"

If a player goes bust, the cards and the bets on the box of the losing player are instantly removed. Because even if the dealer also exceeds 21 points, it's the player who loses.

Insuring, Doubling, Splitting:

Players can insure against the dealer getting a Black Jack, if the dealers first card is an ace. In that case, after the croupier has called "Insurance Please", the player puts an additional amount- equal to half his bet- on the so-called insurance line. If the dealer gets the Black Jack, then the player is paid out twice the insurance. This way he neither wins or loses. Because obviously he loses his bet to the dealer. If the dealer does not get a Black Jack, then the player loses his insurance money.

In addition to standing and drawing an additional card, the box holder has two other options after receiving his first two cards namely doubling and slitting. These options, incidentally, are not open to the dealer

If the first two cards on a box ad up to 9, 10 or 11 points, the box holder may double his be. However, if he does so, he can only receive one additional card.

If the first two cards of a box holder are a pair, e.g. two fours or two queens, then he may split these cards. Which means that both cards are then played as separate hands. In this case, he must duplicate his bets so that the same amount as the original bet is now bet on each card. For instance, if a player has bet 5 Value chips and receives a pair of eights, he can split the pair and must then bet 5 value chips on each card. A player who duplicates a pair of aces can only receive one additional card on each ace. And if that second card is a 10 or a court card, the combination merely counts as a straight 21 and not as a Black Jack.

The main points of Black Jack

Black Jack is a card-based table game. In most cases six decks each containing 52 cards are used. All players play against the bank, and the aim is to get as close to 21 as possible. The highest score, Black Jack, is to have an ace and another card with a value of ten in the hand you are dealt. An ace is worth either one or eleven. The king, queen and jack are worth ten, and all other cards have their usual values. In the first deal, the dealer deals players two cards. If you get a pair, i.e. two cards with the same value, you can split them so that the cards create two separate hands. This means that you also have to double your bets. If you split two aces, you only receive one more card per hand following the split unless you get another ace. If the original hand you are dealt ads up to 9, 10 or 11, you can double your bet, after which you will only be given one more card. If the dealer�s first card is an ace, and he or she consequently has the chance of getting Black Jack, players can insure themselves against this, by placing a new bet half the size of the original one on a so-called insurance line. If the dealer does get Black Jack, you lose your original bet, but get paid 2:1 on your insurance, so in the end you have neither won nor lost in that round. Most Black Jack tables carry the text: �Dealer must stand on 17 and draw to 16�. This means that if the dealer gets 16 in the first deal, he or she must draw another card (running the risk that the total will be too high). If the dealer gets 17, he or she may not draw another card.

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