How to develop visualize and face memory

Not everyone say I can describe a face by memory. However, it's wrong to consider your interlocutor attentively and try to remember his face exactly. Artist scrutinize faces of passengers through shading eyes. You can scrutinize passenger's faces while they will think you are dozing. When you are considering face, try to imprint it in your memory. Attempt to close your eyes and reflect feature. Try to catch elusive distinctions from other people. Try to fancy this face in his childhood, imagine, how he looks when he is crying or smiling, how he will look twenty years later.

You can use free flash face game for improve you face memory. See how well you can do in trying to remember a random face:

Going to show you photos of people. The photo will change on its own after four seconds. Concentrate on the photos so that you can remember them later. Skills like memory are the first to go when we're tired. Test assesses your ability to remember how long ago something happened - your 'temporal' memory. If you're tired you won't be as good at remembering when you saw or did something. The test is in three parts and we suggest you take a five minute break in between each part.

Improve your face memory by using lines game and picture game

Face Memory and Games. Instead of common objects on these extra sturdy laminated board pieces, kids are introduced to children from all over the world - and they can learn about their countries of origin on the bottom of the box. I Never Forget a Face Memory and Matching Game is a beautiful, colorful spin on the classic game from. Kids will love searching out their new international friends!

I cannot afford the Memory Optimizer. Therefore, I hope to ask a little bit about the new approach of the face games

Mr. Dominic O'Brien and Andi Bell can really memorize everything that they tends to memorize. Face and names, dairy plans, and other big memory man such as Dr. Yip from Malaysia can even memorize the Oxford Dictionary. Their so called artificial memory techniques seem can be applied in everywhere.


Pictures as memory aid

Keeping pictures as an aid also enhances memory. A simple picture can convey what thousands words cannot. We have seen that in Science and Mathematics these pictorial representations are of great help in retention of information in the brain.

Various geometrical designs were used to symbolically represent complex ideas. The picture is drawn on the floor to indicate the complex character of womb, from which the concept of the unique military arrangement has been derived. Geometrical designs are of great help in retaining complex character of machines, bridges, buildings and other masonry structures. A picture of digestive system can easily remind us the entire anatomy of the digestive system. In geometry, we have symbolic representations of ideas in the form of points and lines.


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