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What is eidetic memory?

Eidetic memory, is the ability to retain a highly detailed mental image of something not in sight, normally fades before puberty. Eidetic memory is the ability to recollect an image so vividly that it appears to be real. German eidetisch, from Greek eidos See weid - in Indo - European Roots. of visual imagery of almost photographic accuracy.

Eidetic memory or photographic memory refers to the ability of a person to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory with great accuracy and in seemingly unlimited volume. for instance, many famous artists and composers like Mozart. Imagine being able to memorize an entire sheet of Russian vocabulary, a list of math equations, or the window arrangement on a large building just by observing it for a few seconds. These are the abilities associated with eidetic imagery, more commonly known as photographic memory.

Eidetic imagery is the ability to retain an accurate, detailed visual image of a complex scene or pattern or see an image that is an exact copy of the original sensory experience.

People capable of eidetic memory, or eidetikers, are therefore able to recall vivid images within their mind and examine these images as one would examine a photograph.

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Eidetic memory (Photographic memory) found in 5% children. These children can remember an entire page of writing in an unfamiliar language after only seeing it for a short period of time. Only a few have eidetic memory in adulthood.




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