The treads puzzle

The inhabitants of the North had the following game in ancient time. One the deer's skin one player quickly drew a complicated pattern. the skin straightened rapidly and the pattern disappeared. the second player had to draw the similar pattern on the same skin. they believed that the game allowed the reindeers-breeders to memorize the road which they had to follow. Check your memory.

Indian yogis used the following training. The branches of different length find bend were thrown on a board. Thrown on a board. Then the branches were mixed together. The search of nirvana state yogi had to restore the initial position  of the branches. Thus training was considered to develop inner concentration and inner vision.

You may be know the JigSaws, the aim of which was make up the initial picture from different pieces. It was required to restore the original picture from pieces of paper. And now images that the original pattern is a picture drawn with the pencil. Each line is a piece of a string. Then by the light blow of the wind the strings are collected into one heap. You task is to restore the initial picture. This is the game offer.


The Treads game V4.0

How to play

Place the cursor of the mouse to any string, press the left button of the mouse. The string begins to play with different colors. It means that you have caught it. Without releasing the left button of the mouse move the cursor - the string begins to move with the cursor too. Try to define where the string has to be placed. In the requires place yours should release the button of the mouse. If the place was defined correctly, the string becomes white and sticks to the place so that you will not be able to transfer it to another place.


The program will show you  the original picture if you press the button "Example".

To load another picture press the button "Picture" (this option available only for registered users).

If you need to tern the string for 90 degree press button "Page Up" or "Page Down".


Registration of the program

To register the program presses the button "Registration". Registered users are provided with opportunity to load other pictures of DXF format into the game.

How to make you own picture

You can draw your own picture in any vector editor and save the drawn draught in DXF format.



Treads.exe 420kb