Develop excellent eidetic memory game

Take 4-8 letters noun is given. Compose (think out, devise, contrive, invent) as many phrases as possible in 3 minutes. The first letters of the phrase should be form the initial noun form. It is not necessary to make up a complete sentence, any grammatically correct phrase are suited. It is prohibited to use the same word twice. The winner is a person who composes greater number of the phrases.

To begin with a name of any present person can be taken. If it is considered as acronym (the letter abbreviation of a phrase) then the comical effect can be produced. The name of the game is borrowed from the previously mentioned “Cabbala”. Notaricon was one of the cabalistic methods  which helped in searching of the hidden meaning in the word. The reverse operation, i.e. ciphering of the phrases by the initial letters was called similarly.

Burocratic passion for the abbreviations, which can be understood only by person who knows them, for mystical shortenings, as we can see is rooted in the ancient times.

In the complicated variant the same task can be performed not with one word,    but with the whole phrase. Taking each letter of this phrase (excluding such letters as '**' which can not even be taken into consideration), a player begins a word.

Dmitri Lyubach