How to develop eidetic memory

As per the myths of Ancient Greece there were nine muses who endowed the mortal with the spirit of creation. The mother of the muses was Memorize, the Goddess of memory.

Eidetic memory is ability to memorize the pictures in the smallest details. A man having such kind of the memory provides the projecting of the visual picture on the inside screen. Then the received image is read and analyzed. A man with eidetic memory can easily operate the buffer located between the visual channel and the rest of thinking organs. The pictures in this buffet of the common people are lightened up only for a moment and then dispersed, transferring the information further into the brains. An Eidetic keeps the pictures and can call them making the mind to analyze the information again.

It is known that many artists and draughtsman have ability to memorize the pictures and to reproduce them from memory. It indicates that figurative memory is not inborn but acquired virtue of a man and it can be developed.

The ancient oriental scientists ascertained that all people could be divided into four types - artists and thinkers. The thinkers easily memorize logical information, artists - visual information.

Since Aristotle's time our civilization worked out its way mainly on development of the left logical hemisphere and it resulted in the loss by the major part of the mankind their ability to use their sub consciousness.

On the level of conscious activity only 10% of our brains is in operation, while subconscious activity counts to 90% of the human potential. Logical strategies of thinking use only small part of our abilities.

The mankind worked out written language, packed the knowledge into the textbook and reference books. And it found the way out replacing man's memory with paper carriers.

In ordinary life these means fill up the lost possibilities and allow a man to find solution of standard tasks, using reference books and literature but it concerns only the executive part of the work. And when the flow of thought is needed, when something new has to be created, the unexplored have to be discovered the logical consciousness is effortless.

If you want more than it is required from the ordinary executer, if you want to process the material and data, collected from the smallest details of knowledge, then you should develop the functions of imaginative memory and imaginative thinking.

The Eidetic therapy exercise provides harmonization of the left and right hemispheres because a trainee should be both a thinker and an artist.

The trainings will give an opportunity to use the inside screen of a man on which you will be able to draw the tasks freely, restoring the pictures in your memory

Eidetic imagery unlocks and works with images that can unleash a person's original nature, as well as happiness, passion and creativity, she says.