Eidetic puzzle is a lovely program for children

Its a lovely program for children or adults with dyslexia or specific learning difficulties.  Its a lovely program for children or adults with dyslexia or specific learning difficulties. I much appreciate your help.

Since I would have some dyslexic traits I have also used approaches that enhance visual memory. I got interested when I came across information on a Dominic O Brien who is world memory man and dyslexic who can remember hundreds of cards. He also uses meditation. I have found myself that the cause of the poor visual memory is the lack of ability to retain a clear mental picture as the mental images are eaten up by distracting images. Hence remembering cards or using the Eidetic system is very helpful.

I was searching for visual memory training games for a while. The view is that many dyslexics have poor visual memory so Eidetic is very good. Much of the information you give is similar to the approach that is used in Ireland and America for children with Dyslexia or specific learning difficulties. I live in Ireland and one of the persons who has based his course on visual   also recommends that children practice reading back to front. My interest in the matter comes from I having two Autistic children and one who is dyslexic.

I was looking for a bit of software such as yours for a while. Could the Eidetic system be adapted so one could put ones own pictures on. It would be a help full way of training words to children with learning difficulties as one could either draw the images or put digital photos of objects or scanned images. I would be interested in seeing if it could be adapted for such a purpose. It would be also useful for meditation which is another strategy I have tried as a learning tool. Again the ability to meditate depends on the ability to focus and the power of ones visual memory. Much of the software for learning systems is very expensive. Your program does not use the hard sell and I do not think people realize how valuable it could be.