Eidetic and Non-associated lists of the words (how to develop excellent memory)

For 3-60 seconds as many as possible  words  should be called so that the neighbor words are not closely connected either by the meaning or formally (they shouldn’t begin with the identical and  have evident phonetic similarity). Usually it can be done without any technical means or knowledge of short-hand   because an inexperienced player needs about 2 seconds  to  compose  and pronounce a word, and it is enough for the secretary to write down first few letters. The correctness is checked on the spot to restore the partially written words. If two or more words in succession are connected by the meaning  (in the  opinion  of  the  majority of the players or a judge) they are considered as one.

The complexity of the game is explained by the fact that a man’s conciseness   is based on the standard dependences and for every pronounced word the consciousness prompts many nearest points within the area of the meaning. Some mental efforts are required to break the associative chains constantly and to reject the offered standard transitions.  But the game is extremely useful for liberating the speech and thinking, it trains to reject standard patterns (though it can be paradoxical, but it also fasten this pattern in the memory because they have to be overcome  the game.

If a public speech or participation in the discussion of a problem is coming soon, we recommend you to spare several minutes beforehand for individual associative game to stimulate brains and speech centers.

By the way, a person with poor language can win this game – he has not many associations and they don’t hinder him. Nevertheless the anti-associative exercises are very efficient for development of speech abilities.

Memorize tips

We must have the proper storage facilities to store the information. It was earlier thought that memory could not be developed. People used to think that repetitive use of the facts ensures memorization of facts. Although continuous practice does help in keeping any information in memory , various scientific techniques can be evolved for proper storage of information in the brain. Memory experts have shown that with better techniques memory can be enhanced. A trained memory can have better storage and reproduction of facts.

Hence, activities have to be designed to develop memory in such a way that the information can be stored and reproduced at will.

In a library, information are stored in the form of books, magazines, journals, audio and visual cassettes and CDs. For better storage, they have to be kept in separate shelves. Further, the books have to be classified and labeled as per their contents and subjects. Similarly, a better and scientific development of memory would require