Eidetic psychology

Through Eidetic imaging people can discover new world and success in business, romance, family relationships, even physical fitness. Eidetic Image Therapy is a new and unique psychotherapy. It Is a fast moving, positive therapy that gets to problem areas quickly and generates change by using precise tools that promote insight and growth. Eidetic Imagery is a tool, a precise method, and a diagnosis all in one. It allows us to gain access to parts of our consciousness that would otherwise be locked away. They can reveal our true genius.

Can you acquire eidetic imagery through therapy? There have been a lot of attempts to try to use eidetic in therapy. Although it is clear that eidetic imagery exists, psychologists still do not know why it occurs, what brain mechanisms may be responsible, or why it is found in such a small proportion of the population. It certainly is a fascinating phenomenon.

Eidetic Imagery allows to recall images formed by inner memory. Eidetic Imagery allows to re-experience life events with all of their basic elements intact.

Eidetic imagery - there is interpersonal variation in the quality and detail of mental visual imagery. A small proportion of the people have imagery of astonishing quality. Such imagery is usually called "eidetic".

Eidetic images are neurologically recorded in the brain and systematically stored away for future reference as concrete imprints of real and factual events. When recalled, the Eidetic image recreates a vivid experience of the events in our life with drama, clarity and detail. When retrieved and thoroughly examined, unresolved areas are revealed and their underlying causes are identified.

Eidetic Image Therapy is a system of psychotherapy. The method of eidetic therapy techniques and exercises have been successful in altering everyday behavior and more important, in strengthening emotional and physical health. An overview of the eidetic concept is given for general understanding and the use of specific techniques and images demonstrate more specifically how eidetics can be used to treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

With the growing use of mental imagery in psychosomatic medicine and psychology, the question of possible physiological mechanisms by which imagery may affect somatic, cognitive, and affective processes has become much more relevant. For example, recent studies have focused on emotion-related brain activity and have found that meditation decreases anxiety and increases positive affect. This activity is said to occur in the part of the brain that is associated with enhanced immune function.

Photographic memory or eidetic memory is the ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory with great accuracy and in seemingly unlimited volume. For instance, many famous artists and composers like Claude Monet and Mozart possibly had eidetic memory . Children often have eidetic memory , but generally lose much of that ability around age 5.

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