Hieroglyph memory game

Download this free memory training 20kb.

This game develop mnemonic memory.

The memory processes

Memory if often divided into four major processes, and I will use these categories to help explain my view of what mnemonics are.

Attention and selection what you notice; you choose (consciously and/or unconsciously) what to focus on.

Encoding what you have chosen to focus on is changed, encoded, into the things to be remembered.

Storage how you hold on to the information; some memories fade faster, others slower.

Retrieval recalling what you have previously stored.

Some mnemonic guidelines you know from your common sense. For example: with regards to attention you need to focus. When it comes to encoding you need to keep it as simple as possible. What is the most effective way of storing (visually, audially, kinesthetically, etc.) differs somewhat between persons. The variant you use spontaneously is probably a good clue. Retrieval depends not only on how well the memory is stored, but also on what you have to do to remind yourself of it (for example, sometimes you forget why you walked into the kitchen, but you know that you can do the walk over again and it will probably come back to you).

Mnemonics builds on this and lets you be more efficient in how you use your memory. It is basically just a continuation of the common sense, taken to a level many people do not bother with because they normally do not need it in their everyday life. It is all built on principles natural to us, simply because these are the ones we do best.