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Group "speed" speed reading

Group speed reading is a reading activity done in a group. The group reading is a good way to build team, and encourage learners to help each other and depend less on the teacher. It is especially appropriate when you are teaching in a culture where people like to do things as a group, or group members are practicing reading in a new language. Here are the steps to follow to use the group dynamic activity:

  • Distribute a copy of the book to each learner in the group.
  • Give the time to become familiar with the passage and encourage them to look at the illustrations, and glance over the text.
  • Read the material at a pace that allows the learners to follow along by tracking.
  • Reread the text, stopping occasionally in the middle of a sentence.
  • Have the group read out loud the word that follows each stopping point.
  • Repeat the process, gradually increasing the stopping points.
  • When the group is able to supply most of the words without hesitation, have them read the entire passage in unison, stopping only when they have difficulty.
  • Supply the words they have difficulty with.

What is speed reading?

There are two different types of speed reading. They are as follows:

  • EXPANDED READING is where the reader is trained to expand his peripheral reading vision horizontally in order to catch 2, 4, or even more words at a glance. This method of speed reading can be useful, and some schools teach it. Using expanded reading, the practical limit to reading speed is about 700 to 900 words per minute.
  • DYNAMIC READING is where the reader is trained to expand his peripheral vision vertically as well as horizontally. Like this: By seeing large sections of the page at a glance, the reader can catch 20, 40, or more words at a glance. Some children have peripheral vision good enough to be able to catch a whole page at a glance. Using the dynamic reading method, the practical limit to reading is over 10,000 words per minute. However, it is more common to have kids end up with reading rates of between 1,500 and 5,000 words per minute.

Tips: Set targets while Speed Reading

  • Think about why you're reading - if you know your goal you are more likely to achieve it. Do you need to answer a specific question, write an essay, or get some background information?
  • To illustrate the importance of focus when you're reading, try this:
      Look round the room for things that are RED
      Close your eyes and think of the things in the room that are GREEN
  • The chances are you can't because you were focusing only on RED things
  • It is important to be clear why you are reading so that you can concentrate on what is relevant.


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