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My parents always ask me how I can know what I'm flipping past when I'm changing channels at about a rate of three channels a second.

One time, my parents bet me that, flipping through the 50 or so channels we had in only thirty seconds, that I couldn't remember what was on a given channel (any channel) when I flipped past it.

I was feeling lucky, so I told them I could do it with only twenty seconds, and without any thumb stretching beforehand. We shook on it.

They had a stopwatch, I had the remote, and on the word "Go!" I flipped through all of the channels in about 18 seconds.

They then proceeded to quiz me on what program was showing on each channel. I was able to rattle off each show that was airing and in some cases even the episode that was showing.

It's like speed reading. You know those people who can read dialog boxes and text boxes in a split second.

Tips: Get familiar Speed Reading strategy

Familiarize yourself with the content of the text. Read the first paragraph of each section and/or if the text is short, the first sentence of each paragraph.

Eliminate what you don't need - highlight what you do.

'Park' difficult things and build up an overall picture which will help with the more complex parts. For example, if you were doing a jigsaw puzzle, you might start by fitting the edges and corners together, and that some pieces are really easy to place. Others might initially be more difficult, but as you fit more pieces of the puzzle. together, the pieces that were once tricky become simple. It's the same with reading - the more context or background knowledge you have, the easier it will be to make sense of initially tricky material.



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