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User letter

> I have managed to access the software - are there any
> instructions as to what each area does and which order you should
> use them in.

Thank you for the letter.

Speed reading are:
- reading without vocalization
- reading with wide span eyes
- reading group of words
- reading with special algorithms.

The main futures in speed reading is psychological.

You can train reading groups of words by using the next programs

- Mixed letters
- Reading from right to left
- Reading without vowel letters
- Accidentally removed letters in the text
- Find the word in the text
- Place blanks in the text

You can training wide eyes span by using the next programs

- Flash reading
- Shulitz tables
- Corner of vision
- Count amount of the letters by one view

You can train the special reading algorithm by using the next programs

- The dominant
- Frequency analyzer of the text
- Ideas and texts Systematization
- Select 7 semantic blocks in the text

You can train stop subvocalization by use the program

- The metronome training

> I can use the software but it doesn't seem clear about what I am
> actually doing in terms of tracking progress etc.

People are different. Person define the best way for training himself.


User say

Nowadays even I am trying to improve my reading speed. As somebody told me that you can increase your speed only if read with your eyes, not vocalizing at all. This takes a lot of practice as we were never taught in this way before. But when I started doing in this way, I found that in a day after some practice my speed increases a far better. I will keep trying to read in the same manner to keep it constant. Well, I am going through some of the softwares on internet and trying their free demo version.

User say

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