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Speed reading tips

  • Using active reading techniques to ensure that you keep focused on the material
  • Knowing what you need to know, and reading appropriately
  • Using a table of contents for reading magazines and newspapers, and clipping interesting texts
  • Understanding how to extract information from different article types
  • Reading at the appropriate depth: skimming, scanning and studying
  • Learning how to read junk mail effectively
  • Using indexes, tables of contents, glossaries and Mind Maps to help you assimilate technical information.
  • Creating your own table of contents for reviewing subject analyses.

Take more practice

As with any skill, reading gets better with practice. It may be hard at first, especially if you have a weak vocabulary or poor habits deeply entrenched. If you keep practicing, the going gets easier, and you'll be reading faster than you ever thought possible. Some books are easier to read quickly than others. I don't think Edison can be read at seven hundred and fifty words per minute, no matter who you are. Reading fast makes reading more enjoyable, and allows for better comprehension.

Do you need Speed reading skills?

And from the other side of the aisle: the slow reading movement (primarily for philosophical study).

"When we begin slow reading, we have already been reading. We are like travelers who have been speeding down the highway when we realize that we have not completely understood a reading which we have already passed, and it suddenly occurs to us that we may be going in the wrong direction."



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