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I'm a streetlamp person myself and so is my partner. I tend to turn them off in sequence, more than one at a time, when I'm driving or out for a walk and I'm kind of in a trance or daydreaming. (I don't daydream when I'm driving, but often my mind will automate the task and my reflexes and I'll be in a state of contemplation of something else while my body takes care of the gas pedal and wheel. It's sort of meditative.) This is when the streetlights go off the most.

I once delivered some bad news to my boyfriend at work. After about ten seconds of extreme emotion, the fire and burglar alarms in the building we were in went off spontaneously and the monitoring system claimed that the fire was directly above the room that we had been sitting in. Obviously there was no fire. It took hours for the relevant authorities to get the systems back to normal because they kept going off until we left the building. This was a problem since we were there to lock up and couldn't leave until the alarms were settled.

I can always sense other "electric" people. I had a theory that it had to do with auras after I saw photographs of plant auras and a description of them as being simply electric fields that everything possesses. I started learning how to see auras and became quite good at it.

I also can't keep a watch running for more than a few months. Mine never start working again once dead.

I seem to have an affinity for certain electrical devices. I can almost always predict accurately what the next song will be on the radio as the current song is ending. I tend to pick up the phone to call someone and find them on the line about to dial my number. How we connect without either of us dialing is a mystery to me. I'm also quite intuitive when it comes to computers, although this is hard to explain. If there's a problem with my machine I just sit and think about it for a second and the answer, however obscure, will pop into my head.

I'm fascinated by these accounts of alien implants that I read about on this page. I'm interested in taking the test for implants and I have to wonder if that's why I have such an intense aversion to shows about those grey alien critters. Hmm.

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