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Fractal land mind concentration movie

This is free online flash meditation film. Download free meditation film.

Play and fun this free online flash movie. You can download it to your computer. Actually, a person who wants to project his/her consciousness needs nothing other than his own determined will power. It becomes unavoidable and can hardly be substituted in the intelligent actions of your conscious mind. Meditation with or without concentration can both help or harm you in the process of the conscious projection.


Light & Sound Mind Machines

Light and Sound Mind Machines are devices that use sensory stimulation to induce specific effects on your mind to change how you feel. Some of these mind machines use light for example, while others combine the use of light and sound, and yet others use electrical stimulation.

Mind machines come from quite a variety of inventors who use technology to change consciousness. Some of these mind machines use strobe sound and light to change brainwave states. You can literally shift mind states at the flick of a switch - electronic meditation! Choose between deep sleep, creative visualization, learning, or focus; flip the switch and in just ten minutes:you'll find in the state you desire.

People use mind machines because they are a short-cut to meditation, they block out external distractions to help you concentrate on what you are doing.

There are mind machines that can take away anxiety and depression CES, put you into a state of super-learning or instant memory Flanagan Neurophone, Echofone or even catalyst your mind into an exotic state of colorful visuals AudioStrobe from Germany.

Biofeedback Machines

Biofeedback machines are used differently than mind machines. You can use them to monitor brainwaves, pulse rate, skin temperature, and muscle tension to see whether or not you are relaxing.

Biofeedback is a powerful way to learn how to control the messages sent to the body and subconscious belief system. Many of us deny that we are relaxed and seek means to cover it up. Using a machine that tells you with an audible tone whether or not you are genuinely relaxing eliminating any doubts from your subconscious mind. Technology-assisted self regulation helps to ameliorate stress, allows you to feel more in control of your life, and give you more energy and exhilaration as opposed to worrying.

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