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How to copy fonts in DOS

In order to be able to copy all of your fonts you need to restart your computer in DOS mode, otherwise Windows will not let you copy the system fonts.

Create a directory to copy your fonts to in windows for example C:\fonts

Start > Shutdown > Restart Computer in MS DOS mode

At the C:\ prompt type cd\windows\fonts

Copy *.* C:\fonts (or whatever drive and directory that you want to copy to)

Return to Windows (type win at the DOS prompt and press enter) and you now have a copy of all of your fonts in C:\fonts (be sure to double check that your fonts are in the new directory before proceeding). Then I  used the Font Lister program to delete the fonts in C:\Windows\Fonts  that I didn't use all the time.  Be careful not to delete system fonts! (see above list).  Again, I install or load fonts from C:\Fonts as I need them.

If you install a font, it is copied to the C:\Windows\Fonts folder and will be available until it is deleted from the fonts folder.  You can uninstall a font  with Font Lister at any time without worrying because you still have a copy of it in C:\Fonts.


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