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Font file name extensions

.TTF - True Type Fonts. TTF is stands for TrueType Font, which is what Apple's "Royal" font technology has become. This is a competing format, created when Adobe charged huge licensing fees of Apple and others for Adobe Type manager and PostScript technology and kept the Adobe Type 1 font format specification and its encryption secret/proprietary and chose not to improve upon it in a fashion which suited Apple's needs.

.FOT - a reference file created by FONTINST

.FON - Raster and Vector font files

.PFM stands for PostScript Font Metrics, and is the file which includes the kerning and character bounding information for the matching

.PFB, a PostScript Font Binary--this is the actual outline file.

Other PostScript file extensions which one may see on Windows, DOS or OS/2 systems include:

.PFA, PostScript Font ASCII--this is a text-encoded outline file, suitable for usage on certain PS printers or Unix systems.

.AFM, Adobe Font Metrics--this is a plain-text, human parsable file which contains kerning and other metric information.

.INF, Information file which contains information about a font not found in the .AFM. With an AFM, INF pair, Adobe Type Manager can construct a .PFM on installation.


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