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How to install or remove external PCL soft fonts

1. Open Printers

2. Right-click the printer you are using, and then click Properties.

3. On the Device Settings tab, click External Fonts, and then click Properties.

4. Do one of the following:

- To install external PCL soft fonts, in New Soft Font Directory, type the path to the folder or drive where the fonts are located, and then click Open. Click the fonts you want to install in New Soft Fonts, and then click Add after each selection.

- To remove external PCL soft fonts, in Installed Soft Fonts, click the fonts you want to remove, and then click Delete.


How to reduce installed font count

Lets first make a new fonts folder where we move all fonts you want to uninstall but not delete. In you favorite file manager make a new main folder for your fonts files, like C:\Fonts, D:\Fonts or something like this. We will use C:\Fonts as an example in this paper.

If you start Font viewer, by default it will display all loaded fonts. If folder browser is not visible in Font Viewer, you are in the right mode, otherwise choose View | Loaded Fonts command. Now all loaded fonts are displayed in Font viewer. These are fonts that are available to all programs.

For all management tasks, you'll first need to select one or more fonts in the list. To select multiple fonts, choose View | Checkboxes command, a small checkbox will be displayed for each font. By clicking the box you can select the font to be included in your next task. To unselect it, click the box again. Font | Select submenu also contains special commands to select or unselect many fonts at once.

If there are some fonts in the list that you are sure you never need, you can delete them off the disk completely with Font | Delete command. Please note that some programs may use special symbol fonts etc, if you delete any of these, the program may not work any more. So be careful with deleting.

As I said earlier, having thousands of fonts installed at the same time is a bit overkill if you have access to a font manager like Font Viewer. Much better idea is to have them easily accessible, but not installed. Easily accessible means you can install them any time you need them. For example you may use one font only for certain graphics job. You don't need to have this font installed all the time, you can just install it when you start working with the job that requires the font, and later uninstall it again.

We will now move less used fonts to your custom fonts folder you made earlier (C:\Fonts). In Font Viewer, select the fonts you don't use frequently, then choose Font | Move to | Browse and browse your fonts folder (C:\Fonts). After you press OK the fonts disappear from the list. At the moment they are not available to programs any more, but we know the folder where we keep them (C:\Fonts), so we can easily make them available later. You can continue moving fonts to your custom folder until the list only contains reasonable amount of fonts. Remember, you can select multiple fonts first and then choose action.

Making fonts available again

When you now try some of your graphics applications, you'll see that only the fonts listed in Font Viewer list are available, all the other fonts you moved to your custom fonts folder are gone! Don't worry, I'll show you right now how you can get them back when you need them.

Lets take a look at the folder where you moved your fonts. One good thing about Font Viewer is that it can show you all fonts in a disk folder as well, not only those that are installed. Choose View | Folder Browser so folder tree will be displayed on the left hand like in Windows Explorer. Now navigate to your custom fonts folder by expanding My Computer, select drive C and then select Fonts folder. As you can see, all your fonts you moved are listed here! Now if you need to use a font from this list, just select it, and choose Font | Install to install it it (in Install Font window select "leave where they are"). After that it is available to all programs again. And if you are done your work with the font, you can uninstall it using Font | Uninstall.

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