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How to view a font on your computer

Open Fonts in Control Panel (open a Control Panel item, click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click the appropriate icon.).

Double-click the font you want to view.

If you don't want to display the variations for each font, on the View menu, click Hide Variations (Bold, Italic, and so on).

When you install a printer, the installation program may install several printer fonts. These do not appear in the Fonts folder, but they do appear in the font list of Windows-based programs, such as WordPad.

The viewer cannot display Type 1 fonts.

Where are fonts on computer

By default most applications install fonts into system fonts folder. It is usually subfolder named Fonts under your Windows directory (like C:\Windows\Fonts). This is not very efficient since over time this folder may grow quite large, containing hundreds and even thousands of fonts. Having that many fonts installed at the same time usually makes no sense -- it makes more difficult to find right fonts for a job and also it makes Windows somewhat slower to start up, especially older Windwos 9x flavours. Also, some Windows 9x flavours automatically reinstall all fonts that are in the system fonts folder each time Windows is restarted, so if you have uninstalled a font and not deleted the font file itself or moved it to a different location, it will be installed again, making it impossible to reduce font count.

Another dilemma is that Windows do not allow you to have unlimited number of fonts installed at the same time. At certain point you'll need to uninstall some fonts before you can install new ones.

To solve this problem, you can make a separate folder (like C:\Fonts) to keep your fonts in, leaving only fonts that came with Windows and applications in the system fonts folder (if you wish). All other fonts you install manually from font web sites or font disks you will then keep in your own fonts folder.

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