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Acrobat fonts problems

When the film come out, some of the font are missing. is there a way to see if a font in a PDF file have been embed.

If the fonts aren't showing up they haven't been embedded. They only appear on your comp because you have the font on your comp. Are you asking how to embed them?

The problem means that the fonts are NOT embedded. To check what fonts are embedded, go to File -> Document Properties -> Fonts. If you have access to the fonts and a full version of Acrobat, you can embed the fonts by exporting the file to PostScript and redistill the file, with the font you want embedded specified in the "always embed" list of the job options. The font must be identical in name to the one used in the file.

i did the >Document Properties>, and saw (Arial-black embedded subset) type: Type1 Encoding: custom.

This means the only font embedded in the PDF is Arial Black. Presumably there are other fonts which should appear, but do not. Do you know what fonts those are, and do you have access to them?

The font is funny, when i open the PDF file the font display, when print as a image for acrobat....the font print out.

So, in other words, it works fine for viewing and regular printing, but it does not work on the image setter?

No, maybe I said it wrong, when i print for acrobat to the image setter i get missing type, but when i print as a image the font come out. in acrobat, inside the print box i go to advance and select (print as image) then i work... the problem with that is all the rest of the font are

What happens if you print it on another printer, like a inkjet or laser? I am beginning to suspect the problem lies somewhere between the PDF and the image setter, and isn't exactly a font problem. What's the brand and model of the image setter?

when i print to a (xante laser printer, which is a postscript printer) I get the same thing. missing font...,the image setter is a (ECRM Bluefin 9200). I'm starting to think the problem is with the customer created the file...not on my end. I hope you agree with me. but i would to find out what cause the problem

Do you know what the missing font is _supposed_ to be? If it's supposed to be something other than Arial Black, it's not embedded in the file. If you know what the font is supposed to be, you can install it on your local machine, and it should print OK (and as I indicated, you can even embed it, should you need to). Otherwise, you'll have to go back to the people who originated the file, and have them be sure to either send you the font, or make sure it's embedded and resend the file.

If the missing font is indeed Arial Black, then there is something else going on. In that case, I would suggest perhaps putting pointer questions in the Adobe Acrobat and Printers Topic Areas (here's how:

I wonder if your customer created the file in a program such as Photoshop and edited some of the fonts graphically? Ask you customer what program the created the file in before they converted it to a pdf.

In my first design class in college we used illustrator to create our own logos. I couldn't get the fonts to look as I wanted them to and ended up graphically editing a couple of letters. The letters ended up not getting linked to my saved file and I had no way of accessing them. I could see them in the thumbnail of the saved file but I couldn't print them because of the missing links.

You was right, because I deal with so many agency's that send me file's, i don't know how they create there PDF file. I had to back track all the way to the designer.


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