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Main fitches:

  • Char editor view all fonts installed on win.
  • Char editor view sample text in all available fonts.
  • Char editor used the Windows clipboard.
  • Copy and paste characters to another program
  • Char editor compare different fonts
  • Char editor used system tray.

Font viewer for PostScript Type 1 and TrueType fonts. It allows you to display any character or string in a particular font as well as all glyphs present in it. It supports ant aliasing and kerning. It can also print font samples and font catalogs. List of all installed fonts with several display options. List of the fonts from a folder with several display options. Several options for organizing fonts in categories and managing them. It can print a list of all or some of the installed fonts with an example of each font. Area for testing the look of any font (installed or from a folder).


Font stylesThis page will allow you to view fonts by category

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