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Do you have an idea? Do you want check it before implementation? The first you need to go to and look at the competitors. The second step is to use Overture for searching nearby search words. If you idea is complex, then you need software for analyst search results.

Idea finder is a intranet-based idea generation and management system that helps organizations become dynamic hotbeds of innovation. What solar panels do for sunlight, Idea finder does for brainpower. In a totally engaging way, it makes the process of originating, developing, collecting, and evaluating new ideas significantly more dependable than current practice.

"Find idea" offers four powerful tools for brainstorming key words and terms. This program is impressive in its utility and ease of use: Literally anyone can begin use it in a matter of minutes.

If you've been looking for an effective way to fill your company's pipeline with exciting new ideas, Idea finder is the way to go. Easy to use and surprisingly cost-effective, this powerful tool helps forward thinking organizations radically increase their return on imagination.

One of the most common complaints of web inventor is that it takes too much data. The Idea Finder software can help you to develop new product keywords. Enter up the key word into the Idea Finder. Then the program search its Internet database to find name ideas that that match your search terms. It's something like a thesaurus. Sometimes when we try to be clever we actually end up with something dumb or trite. The program's developers have thoughtfully included an "attribute suggestion" list, which contains a list of broad terms that can help you to get started in using the Idea Finder.

Idea tips

Choose a Key Word! If you need to find a new idea or a solution then choose a keyword for a subject. Type in the keyword, hold that word and then try random selections to fill in the blanks.

Prepare the lists of words Prepare the lists of words on different subjects. You are free to use your own word lists that cover your particular interest. You're not locked into a standard dictionary of words.   You can be very creative with your own word keyword lists.

Try to use another language Use foreign words, names or technical words.   Foreign language is a universal idea generator! 

Refine ideas! Explore the built in Thesaurus to refine your idea. 

If you find a word in the Thesaurus that better describes your idea then copy the word in to idea box

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Do the terms expression idea management, suggestion system or change management mean anything to you? Whether or not it does really doesn't matter, but if you want to motivate your employees, collect new ideas or want continuous improvement in your company, you'll need this software on your company intranet.

Idea box is a web based suggestion box software that is easy to use and install. Every employee will have access and may drop new ides into this virtual suggestion box. This way an idea may be followed from inception to adaptation with this exciting software.