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Find an idea with idea box

The Idea box supports creative problem solving processes. It leads through the following phases: Problem clarification, idea finding, idea evaluation and display of the results.

How do you get your ideas?

Ideas come from imagination, from pictures, they come from a feeling, from asking questions, from other people. Our mind is a wonderful thing. Our mind is creative. Everyone has an imagination. Some of us use it more than others, that�s all. All human have a creative imagination. That is what peoples always want to know. Where do the ideas come from? The is the next main ways:

  • From a pictures
  • From questions
  • From other peoples

Ideas from a picture

People have different ways they think, some of them think in pictures. Spend some time just sitting there with closed eyes. It looks like not doing anything, but watching the mind.

Ideas from a questions

Maybe the idea would never have come if I hadn�t asked questions:

  • What would it be?
  • What kind of thing would it be?
  • What the same thin I know?

Ideas from a other peoples

What other peoples think about my idea? Who can help me? With who I can cooperate? Try to sell you idea for other people and get start cooperate.

Ideas Growth

An idea doesn�t come all at once, all perfect and finished. Idea grows. Ideas change and grow, just as we do. This is called the creative process. Process means something that continues, that goes through different stages and changes. It isn�t something that happens all at once, it happens through time.

How to find idea

"How to find an idea" is a internet based software that is easy to use and install. It help you to find new key words and ideas