Advance utility

To find idea software

  • Select key words of your idea, site, software or product
  • Analyze the key words results (related key searches, how many often this term was used other people)
  • Define new key words
  • Make search words report

Download to find idea software This software gives you starting points ideas for your requirements gathering process. (See the Content Management Requirements Toolkit for a comprehensive list of over a hundred individual requirements.)

Find idea tips

When developing your list of key words or requirements, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Understand your content. Conduct a thorough survey of the information that is to be published via the CMS. The nature of this content will influence the functionality required. It is important not to lose sight of the content when selecting the content management system.
  • Avoid technical details. Ensure you specify business needs, not implementation details. Vendors should be free to propose any methods or technologies that are able to meet your goals.
  • Relate to business needs. Every requirement must be associated with one or more business needs. This allows you to identify the reasons for the requirements, and to priorities them.