Advance utility


PC utility

  • Start programs its helps to start several programs at one time. It will be useful if you want to start 10 program at one time. This software story tunings.
  • Download URLs utility. Give this utility the list of URLs and the folder where do you want to see files. And press go button. This software can mass download files form the internet.
  • Submit links - a set of freeware utilities for collect links.
  • CD organizer helps you to storage information about your CDs
  • Photo reamer - helps you to arrange names of photos or pictures
  • Font utility - advance font utility it helps to find characters and fonts
  • Find idea - it help to find new keywords and ideas.
  • Upload URLS freeware software
  • Compare catalogs freeware software
  • Text analyze freeware utility. This help to analyze text and build a table of word- frequency
  • Mass files download help you to download similar files from internet
  • Online brain storm create and share with your friends your brain storms.
  • Personalize search. Google searcher. It store a results of searching. You can open index and remember what do you search when you search. All results stored at the computer. You can edit get information.
  • IP monitor

SEO software

  • Google scan Add your search strings and receive a list of URLs from
  • reader URLSs Write a list of URLs and download the files
  • html tester Write a list of search string and check files.

All software is free for use. You need to have a Microsoft framework for use this software