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Find idea software characteristics

  • Need an idea notes application? Tired of grouping and shifting notes in outline in time consuming sessions and reorganizing them after 3 months again?
  • Bored by restructuring your ideas again and again while loosing creativity?
  • Idea Notes is an easy to use notes application. Instead of the common used outline concept for notes applications, Idea Notes provides an automatically linking of notes through catchwords.
  • With Idea Finder Idea Notes includes a handy search interface with support for Boolean operators, several filter and many different sort options.
  • Idea Notes mimics the slip box concept.
  • Idea Notes is ideal for authors and creative writers, story teller and story board writer and artists at any discipline. It is also perfect for mind worker, mind manager and scientists who has a need to record unstructured information in seconds.
  • Idea Notes will help you to keep random thoughts alive, it supports you in idea prototyping and will give you an entry point to develop new ideas from linked content.
  • Idea Notes is based on a Text database. Text notes are stored in industry-standard rich text format ( RTF ) to ensure that your data is always yours.

How to find idea

"How to find an idea" is a internet based software that is easy to use and install. It help you to find new key words and ideas