Advance utility

URL reader utility

This URL reader freeware utility. You can free use this utility. Download URL reader freeware program


If you want download the list of URLs then this program is for you. First prepare a list of URLs in the text file. Then run this program. The software download files and build a index.html file. So you can read the files ofline.

This program will be useful for SEO optimization. If you want to build a text you need to download the text from internet. Then check the texts. Does this text contain keywords you are want. Then mix the text and to build new texts.

Backlink Analyzer

Incoming backlinks are all links to a website, whether to the root or if they are deep links. All back links are valuable to some degree (even minimally), some are more useful than others. Links from educational, military, or governmental websites, i.e., those ending with .edu, .mil, and .gov, are thought to be the most useful. This is because such websites are very selective in who they choose to link to. Search engines capitalize on this fact and weigh links accordingly.