Advance utility

Download files and URLs utility

Download URLs and files utility. write a list of URLs and the folder where do you want to see files. And press go button. This is very easy.

A lot of sites at the world write a files at the next rules:

  • funy_picture_0001.jpg
  • funy_picture_0002jpg
  • funy_picture_0003.jpg
  • funy_picture_[0003+1].jpg

If you want to download this list of files then you can use my free software. You can use this software for download a list of sex, photo, funny pictures. write a list of files and rules of download. Then press a START button. Then enjoy a files on your computer.

Description of mass downloader software

How does software work? Click to download a file will accelerate your download by finding the fastest structure of files you want, then splitting the files into  pieces and downloading them, making the most of your connection speed. This is just the beginning of what DAP can do for you

Faster for broadband! You may have more bandwidth and files structures, but downloads can be redirected through many servers, through low bandwidth and many more communication connections. Fast files downloads helps you maximize your bandwidth.

Downloading Files - Using the Internet Look at the file extension of the file you want to download Files like this one you are. As you become more familiar with the internet and different file. Use Download URLs utility to quickly download web sites and pages onto your hard disk. 

Why do I need a download file structure manager? From finding the files you need, previewing them while you download, resume broken downloads, view completed files, sending them to friends and keeping your privacy after downloading - files download lets you manage your downloads in the easiest way possible!

Absolutely no advertisements! Totally customized download experience! Shredder to totally eliminate files you don't need! Trace Cleaner -keep your privacy after browsing! Preview & extract zip files while downloading! Cool new look, more comfortable management features!

You can use it as free web files extractor utility. Download entire website or download web pages. downloading engine downloads pages fast. offline browser internet download offline browser intranet offline. Website download pages level deep download pages offline download pages. multi-threaded downloading engine downloads pages fast. You can choose how many threads to use and whether to download text only or the full page including graphics.

Download URLs utility creates an exact copy of the site which you can browse offline whenever you want without having to connect to the internet.

Download starter freeware program.

Search this search strings:

  • you can specify a list of pictures
  • all popular download formats, including programs (software downloads), ... You see a list of pictures such as JPEGs and GIF as well as movies
  • Software Free Download - With Alt MP3 Screensaver ... all 3 components: list of pictures, list of music files or music play
  • For example, you can retrieve a list of published email addresses or list of pictures
  • Download Accelerator,
  • A faster download manager Manage your completed downloads through a separated list. ... Save downloads and Upload files to DAP Drive web storage, DAP Drive integration Save

You need to have Windows-XP or use Framework for use this program