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How to determine reading speed

To determine your current reading speed, take your practice book (which should lay flat when open on a table) and count the number of words in 5 lines. Divide this number of words by 5, and you have your average number of words-per-line.

Example: 62 words/5 lines = 12.4 ' round to 12 words-per-line

Next, count the number of text lines on 5 pages and divide by 5 to arrive at the average number of lines per page. Multiply this by average number of words-per-line, and you have your average number of words per page.

Example: 154 lines/5 pages = 30.8 ' round to 31 lines per page x 12 words-per-line = 372 words per page

Start with your first line and read with a timer for 1 minute exactly. Do not read faster than normal, and read for comprehension. After exactly one minute, multiply the number of lines you have read by your average words-per-line to determine your current words-per-minute (wpm) rate.

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