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About speed reading

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Articles about speed reading

wide eye span and speed reading

Wide eye span and speed reading

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Keywords and speed reading

subvocalization and speed reading

Sub vocalization and speed reading

Peripheral vision - The ability to perceive the presence, motion or color of objects outside of the direct line of vision; the vision by the entire retina excluding the macula.

Develop a wider eye-span. This will help you read more than one word at a glance. Since written material is less meaningful if read word by word, this will help you learn to read by phrases or thought units. Invest in the time to some wide-angle eyeglasses.

Instead of reading single words one at a time, read them in groups of 2, 3 or 4. As you fixate on each group minimize the time you spend on each eye fixation. To overcome the problems of skipping back and regression use a guide such as your finger, a pen or pencil or perhaps your mouse cursor. These ideas are very simple concepts that can have a powerful effect on your reading speed if you practice them and make them a habit.

Use this Free Speed Reading Online Training. Download 20Kb.

It will show you that your angle of view is wider than you think. See, you can read a group of words at one time!

Free program "Speed reading is not magic". Full version can be found here... This training can increase peripheral vision, improve eye movement, and increase overall reading speed. The reading speed can be set up to 2000wpm (words per minute).

Description of the free flash training for expansion of the corner of the vision.

On both sides of the central line you will see a flash of two numbers. Try to remember them. Type the numbers (left then right) into the textbox (do not place a space between them). If you were correct the program will futher complicate the task and the distance between the numbers will increase. If your answer was wrong the distance between numbers will decrease.

The idea behind the training

There are three main factors involved in improving reading speed:

  • the desire to improve,
  • the willingness to try new techniques and
  • the motivation to practice.

This program is designed to extend your peripheral (corner) vision. People with extended corner vision read faster. The program shows only a portion of the information so you can not read it at once. You see the numbers out of the 'corners of your eyes'.

While practicing this training try to analyze your sensations. What happens to your eyes? How do you recognize the numbers? Does the change sharpen the objects? Are the objects in the center of your vision diminished?


Articles about the eyes and speed reading

Understanding the role of speed in the reading process is essential. Research has shown a close relation between speed and understanding.

Most adults are able to increase their rate of reading considerably and rather quickly without lowering comprehension. These same individuals seldom show an increase in comprehension when they reduce their rate. In most cases, comprehension is actually better at higher rate of speed. Such results, of course, are heavily dependent upon the method used to gain the increased rate. Simply reading more rapidly without actual improvement in basic reading habits usually results in lowered comprehension.

The most important concept behind speed-reading is the eye span. You know that fleeting moment when your eyes blink as you read a line in a book? Your eyes are not blinking without purpose. They are taking in the information, which that brain of yours will later process.

The eye blink I am referring to has no more motivation than the textual material at hand. This is where speed-reading or slow reading is decided. If you read word-by-word your are definitely one slow reader. If you read by vocalizing every syllable, you are also slower than you could be. Unlike me, you probably listened to your mom when she said that the best way to retain information is to read it to yourself aloud. Overcoming this conventional wisdom alone will bring you a hefty gain in reading speed!

So the big rule is avoid subvocalization which is the clinical term for reading word-for-word. The wisdom behind avoiding the subvocalization trap lies in the fact that your eye span works in conjunction with the eye blink to record the information in the brain. The shorter your eye span, the less information your brain assimilates. Do you get it?

That's why the chief trick behind becoming a speed-reading freak is widening your eye span. That means that in one reading sweep 'at the blink of an eye', you should not only capture one word but words, phrases and eventually a whole sentence.

So back to the golden rule of speed-reading. Widen that eye span. Support and start working on the habit immediately by reading under optimum conditions, that is with the proper lighting, the right text size, and yes, plenty of leg room. Don't read word-for-word!

Avoid re-reading, which is technically known in speed reading circles as digressing. Don't get caught doing this, or better yet, avoid doing it altogether. This takes up too much of your precious reading time. Believe me, it's not worth it. You think your mind will remember it better by going back? Clinical studies reveal otherwise.

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Articles about theeyes and speed reading

Understanding the role of speed in the reading process is essential. Research has shown a close relation between speed and understanding.

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