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This program is very interesting. It uses a variety of methods to encourage better reading. Some of them focus on improving the visual range of the reader: wider angle of vision, better peripheral vision and speed. Others improve word recognition and concentration. There are also techniques to reduce or eliminate subvocalisation, such as the use of a metronome. This technique is also used to increase eye-movement speed. Each of these exercises may be done using the instruction for that exercise as the text or another text may be used instead. Finally, the program permits the student to analyse the text in a variety of ways to enable better learning, for example, organising information into no more than 7 blocks.

The only problem with the demo version is that some of the exercises are only activated in the full version.



In the past I have found it very difficult to study effectively. I suffered from poor concentration and would frequently wander off to dreamland while reading pages and pages of important university material only to find that I spent hours doing this with low results. Thanks to 'Magic Speed Reading' I realised that I could not remember much of what I read because of factors such as subvocalisation, skipping back to already read material witch did not only cause ineffective educational results but also exhausted my body.
I would also suffer from headaches and eye-strain. With the exercises offered by 'Magic Speed Reading' all the reading obstacles have now become a thing of the past.
Thank you Serge.
Kind regards
Gert Olivier


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