Magic Speed Reading. Widen your eye span.

Take in more words at a time


Speed Reading does not replace regular reading. Most people read one word at a time, saying the word to themselves. This is a slow way of doing the task, especially when your mind is capable of processing information at a much higher rate.

Develop a wider eye-span and you read more than one word at a glance. Since written material is less meaningful if read word by word, this will help you learn to read by phrases or thought units.


Take in more words at a time.

If you normally see two words at a time when you read, your eyes look at two words, move to the next two and stop to look at those, move to the next two, etc. Begin taking in three words at a time so your eyes make fewer stops, increasing your speed. Increase your challenge only as your skill increases. Keep it fun. Don�t push yourself so hard it becomes stressful.

Many of the words used in writing grammatically correct sentences actually convey no meaning. If, in reading, you exert as much effort in conceptualizing these meaningless words as you do important ones, you limit not only your reading speed but your comprehension as well. A great way to distill meaning out of a paragraph is to take brief notes.


Look at groups of words

One of the primary tricks in speed-reading is to look at phrases and groups of words instead of individual words. Instead of reading word-by-word, you read in chunks of information. You don't have to say the word to understand what it means.

Try to expand more number of words that you read at a time. Practice will help you to read faster. You may also find that you can increase the number of words read by holding the text a little further from your eyes. The more words you can read in each block, the faster you will read.

Peripheral vision

When your eyes move down a central strip of the text, you also engage much more of your peripheral vision. And that in turn brings the right hemisphere of the brain into the reading process. You make much more use of the right brain's ability to synthesize and build relationships within the material. So speed reading is not just about reading faster; it also allows you to access much more of the brain and thereby increases your comprehension and creativity.

Get yourself to participate in sports. This strengthens crucial reading abilities such as tracking, peripheral vision, focusing, eye teaming, eye-hand coordination and improves near- and far-point vision. Many of these skills are not typically learned during sustained computer use and they are essential for both computer use and reading.



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