Speed reading is not magic

Eliminate the habit of pronouncing words as you speed read.

One key to reading at a much faster rate is learning not to mouth the words while trying to read yourself. It is important to develop the habit of seeing the words but not reading them to yourself. The rate in which you speak is a lot slower than the rate in which you are capable of reading. Try to see the words instead of mouthing each individual word.

Instead of seeing a book during reading, your brain hears a voice that pronounces the word sounds printed on the page. Quite simply, you don't see a book - you hear it. Yet, vision is faster and more powerful than hearing. By becoming a more visual reader you will instantly increase your reading speed. Let's begin this process together.

Eliminate the habit of pronouncing words as you read. If you sound out words in your throat or whisper them, you can read only slightly faster than you can read aloud. You should be able to read most materials at least two or three times faster silently than orally. If you are aware of sounding or "hearing" words as you read, try to concentrate on key words and meaningful ideas as you force yourself to read faster.

Eyes move across a written page in a series of quick jumps. Between each jump there's a stop lasting a fraction of second, called a 'fixation'. The fixation occurs when the eye actually takes in a written word. The untrained eye takes about a quarter of a second at each fixation, and takes in 2 or 3 words per fixation. By speeding up the eye movements and training your eyes to make fewer fixations you will be able to take in more words per fixation. This will help break the habit of sub-vocalization since your eyes will be moving faster than you can possibly subvocalize.


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