Speed reading is not magic

Snailing method of speed reading

Snailing is great for lecturing, reading dialogue for a play or film, Shakespeare, poetry and such. Speed reading is for studying, testing and acing classes. When you are doing research and want to read three books, articles and reports instead of just one. It helps ace exams and classes.

Reading is a skill. Inexperienced readers tend to read everything, rather than being critical about choosing what to read (see SQ3R for ideas about being critical). Also, inexperienced readers sometimes lack the vocabulary; consequently they find it harder to follow what they are reading.


Double your reading speed

In today's business world, ordinary reading skills are not sufficient for you to keep up with the increasing amount of information. If you read at 200-250 words per minute, like most people, you are at a great disadvantage. Learning how to read quickly is actually not difficult and many people will improve their reading speed just by understanding what goes on in their eyes when they read.

What is also important, besides reading quickly, is to understand the information read and how to retain the information. High Speed Reading gives you an opportunity to reach your highest potential as a leader in your field of work.

High Speed Reading and Speed Reading use a very similar process. The distinction is that High Speed Reading is your willingness to reach higher levels of achievement. Instead of reading at 700 words per minute you strive to reach 2,000 words per minute.

Information is power.
To be at the cutting edge of your business, you have to know more than others in your field. Fortunately, information is abundant and obtaining it is as easy as a few clicks on your computer. The challenge is gathering and deciphering useful data that gives you the lead.

High Speed Reading is one of your most important tools to gain the right information to bring higher levels of aptitude to your profession.

Many of the most successful business people you know are probably speed readers. They have to be in order to effectively deal with all the information necessary to run successful organizations and businesses. Many of them donít talk about their high speed reading skills because they donít want to reveal their advantage over you! Itís their edge.


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