Speed reading is not magic

Free online flash lesson slowly Speed reading

Use this Free Speed Reading Online Training. Download 20Kb.
This is free speed reading online software. The full version of speed reading software can be found here

Some companies sell this speed-reading training for a lot of $$. On this site this training is free. Speed reading is not only flash words. Speed reading is some thing more. The main idea of speed reading is to start reading faster.

This program demonstrates the mechanism of reading. Reading does not have the meaning that you expect. People usually do not read a word letter¬  by letter, but recognize it as a whole. The new meaning of 'reading' is a guessing of the words (hieroglyph). People guess the meaning of words at¬  two different levels: Level 1 is the meaning each word, Level 2 is guessing the meaning of sentences or paragraphs. The more¬  experience you have in this type of reading, the higher your success with the level of guessing. Using this training will see that the slow velocity of reading will hold back your rate of understanding. Your slow reading speed is a habit.

Try view more words at once and the speed of your reading will grow. This training will help you to do this. Maybe you notice that you can read the mixed text only at high speed. The more speed you achieve the better your comprehension. On other hand when you try reading the mixed text letter-by-letter you will see that you do not understand its meaning.¬ 


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