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The games is the doorway to Learning, Creativity and Self Discovery!

The games is an main part of a child's development. It is also a central part of education and foundation of physical, social, emotional and mental health development.  They tend to be harmonious and less aggressive and they show a better understanding of other people. Children who engage in creative games in early childhood tend to do better in all spheres of life as they grow older. They excel not only academically but also socially, emotionally and physically.

Test your memory as well as practice your math! Children in trouble with arithmetic cannot seem to understand math problems even though they review them over and over again. They may seem to remember facts when reviewed on flash cards, but when presented with arithmetic problems, they must revert to finger counting or other aids to assist them.

Math game a flash card style game that displays random math problems in a variety of modes. Players can attempt to solve and answer math problems in either multiple choice, flash card or math challenge mode.

The Math game application can be downloaded for use on either the windows or Macintosh operating system.

You can use this software for training your or your kids math ability. Math games is a math game to reinforce the use of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in problem solving. You may play the game on-line or download a free version. Are you looking for a complete array of educational math software for your school at a very low price?

Math is a simple program that, when used properly, will improve a child's basic math skills. Your child will quickly and easily master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Math is a set of speed drills that uses visual and audible stimuli to assist with memorization of basic math facts. By using an extremely simple and straightforward visual format, Math allows to stay focused on problem solving while also encouraging the child to finish the drill. The drills usually each take time limitation to complete and once you have mastered a certain drill, it can be completed in under a minute!

Full version of software include the next features:

  • Chart
  • Multi users settings
  • 4 elementary math action covering math with numbers, fractions, decimals
  • Kids lock computer function

Download Math right now or see web demo. Math currently runs on PC's running Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT or Windows XP. Key math concepts for early learners. Best for children who already have familiarity with basic math concepts, and with using a computer mouse and keyboard.

All of our games require the Flash 4 Player or higher to work online. This is a 220k download which can be obtained for both Mac & PC platforms.


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Learning Areas: Language arts (spelling, reading, vocabulary building, creative writing), basic math concepts, logic & reasoning, associative thinking, problem solving and categorization.

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