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Math and reading help for kids is a directory of hundreds of articles and resources to help parents and children make informed decisions about school related issues. This website also recommends children's tutoring and educational games to help kids improve math and reading skills.

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Games Central | PBS KidsInteractive games to help learn about using measurements, mazes, angles, and shapes.

Math GamesMath Games. These games are appropriate for kids ages 6 up. Click here for math games for younger kids. Kids,K-12,Math,Game,Algebra,Music,Chinese,Reading,SATKids and grown-ups learn and play. K-12 math,game,algebra,SAT,music,reading, arithmatics,chinese,piano,poker,card,education,teaching,family software,TOEFL. Education for KidsWelcome to Education 4 Kids. As you can see, we have made a number of Flascards and Math Tables as well as some of the other more general drill games. Games and Activities Go to Math Teaser Challenge � Math Teaser Challenge is a great way to test your math/statistics skills with some


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