Speed reading is not magic

Key words perception and speed reading

Reading fluency is the ability to read quickly and easily enough to focus active attention on meaning. Reading fluency is measured by the rate at which reader can read aloud accurately and with proper expression. Developing fluency is a key component of reading for comprehension. Research reveals that one of the best ways to improve reading fluency is to have students read aloud to a teacher, family member, or friend.

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Some questions about speed reading

Does it mean that comprehension of the text will improve if readers are taught to read as fast as they can? No. What is critical is that the reader attains the ability to read quickly and easily enough to process the meaning of the text.

Does man's reading fluency depend on what they are reading? Yes. For beginning and intermediate readers, fluency will be greatest for texts that are easy or have been read and reread for practice. Fluency will decrease to the extent that the text is difficult or challenging for the reader.

Speed reading tip

One of the biggest problems is that people try to read everything. Most textbooks are not designed to be read cover to cover. Itís not cheating to read selective sections from a textbook, in fact, lecturers recommend it. Be selective about what you read.

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