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We usually want to record information beyond simply what words it contains. These will contain the text is some other more useful format according ...

If you're writing an essay or article (or set of training materials!) you might want to know how many words you've written. Or, if you're programming, you might be interested in how many lines long your programs are, or just the size of a file in characters. Under Windows, this function would be built into a word processing application. On Unix systems, a separate wc command can be used to count words, lines or characters in all kinds of files (not just word processor documents).

One of the question is what words people type into search engines like Yahoo and Alta Vista to find my page. This has turned out to be the most interesting feature of all. Here are some actual words and phrases that people have searched for to get to this page. Whether they ended up here on purpose or by accident, you be the judge.