Humpty Dumpy Screen Saver

Learning at the same time when work on the computer? it is possible now. 

It is not 25th cinemas still, it is not suggestive consciousness treatment, it is not NLP and it is not cramming. it is just screensaver. My screensaver will allow you to memorize poems passively  without spending your free time on it.

Why do we need to memorize the poems? The answer is simple. you will able to astonish your  friends with your erudition. The poems will enrich with phrases of the great poets. You vocabulary will widen, and images, generated by your mind will become richer. And, of cause, the main thing in memorizing the poems is that you develop your memory.

Work description

The poems divided into several parts consisting of 10 lines each and in a definite period of time the lines are shown on the screen.

Control keys

Esc. -- exit from this program

Arrows   right left up down  move the field of the poem along the screen.

F1 -- calls up this text.

Any other keys opens  the setup forms.